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Purple Squirrel: Design Services


Design Services

We are now offering design services for anyone who needs help with their projects. We can help with any part of your electronic projects from conception to actual design to doing the PCB layout to even prototyping. We are here to help with any of these areas:

· FPGA/CPLD design using Xilinx, Altera, and Lattice devices.

· Microcontroller design using Atmel and Microchip in the Arduino environment.

· General Analog and Digital circuit design including sensor implementation, charging circuits, monitoring circuits, and serial I/O (RS232, 422, 485).

· 802.15.4 Wireless design using XBee modules.

· DC-DC Power supply design for Buck, Boost, Sepic designs running at a few kilohertz to megahertz and power levels from milliwatts to 500 watts.

· Super Cap based back up power supply design.

· High Speed design (DDRx, USB, etc.)

· Wire Harness Design — simple board to board to complex wire harnesses.

· Schematic/PCB design using Eagle and Altium Designer.

· FPGA/CPLD simulation using Aldec Active-HDL.

· Any stage design/development—beginning, on going, end, redesign, etc.


Our rates are very reasonable and all work is owned by you.

For more information please contact eric (at) prplsqrl (dot) com